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Webinar – How To Study Abroad | Series #1

Webinar – How To Study Abroad | Series #1

Series #1 “All You Need To Know About America Europe”

Study Abroad are an option provided by universities and colleges to complete your study in a foreign country. These program are an excellent opportunity to see a new part of the world and experience a different culture and a lot of new things.

If you’re considering heading abroad to study, you’ll need to do your research first! But where do we start? To help you to know all of the important things to prepare, come and join the discussion with us in the webinar that will be held on:

Date : Saturday, 25 February 2023
Time : 10.00 – 11.30 WIB
Streaming Live Zoom

Open to the public:

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Barakallahu Fiikum.

Competition Finals|AL-WILDAN ISLAMIC SCHOOL 1 Gading Serpong

Competition Finals|AL-WILDAN ISLAMIC SCHOOL 1 Gading Serpong

Marvellous and mesmerising event. Today’s event is so live and exciting. Everyone can feel the ambiance of competition, the chanting of each supporter marked as excitement and enthusiasm to win.

Alwildan Islamic School commits to supporting students in improving their capability, both in internal and external schools. And it’s not stopped today, wait and see the next event soon. Proud of those who have been chosen as a winner.


Barakallahu Fiikum.

Ayo Berpartisipasi Dalam Lomba!

Ayo Berpartisipasi Dalam Lomba!

Bismillah, Insya Allah AL-WILDAN ISLAMIC SCHOOL 1 Gading Serpong akan melaksanakan Kegiatan Lomba pada bulan Januari s.d Februari 2023, dengan ketentuan jenis lomba sebagai berikut:

1. Lomba Public Speaking;

2. Lomba Pidato 3 Bahasa yaitu Indonesia, Inggris dan Arab;

3. Lomba Desain Poster;

4. Lomba Kaligrafi.

Contact Person: Ustadzah Malini selaku Ketua Program serta Koordinator G&C AL-WILDAN 1 Gading Serpong

Semoga dengan pengalaman tersebut semakin meningkatkan mutu pendidikan Siswa-Siswi AL-WILDAN ISLAMIC SCHOOL.

Barakallahu Fiikum.